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  1. Feedback - The Heliocentrics: from 13 Degrees Of Reality (Now-Again Records, 2xLP 2013)
  2. Saguar - The Cult Of Dom Keller: from The Cult Of Dom Keller (Cardinal Fuzz, CD 2013)
  3. Rare Upon The Earth - White Hills: from So You Are… So You’ll Be (Thrill Jockey, LP 2013)
  4. Blood Echo - Barn Owl: from V (Thrill Jockey, CD 2013)
  5. A-Bow - The Janitors: from Drone Head (Cardinal Fuzz, 2xLP 2013)
  6. Saturn - In Zaire: from White Sun Black Sun (Sound Of Cobra, Limited Edition LP 2013)
  7. Hermit - Anthroprophh: from Anthroprophh (Rocket Recordings, LP 2013)
  8. Fade Into Bolivian - Stygian Stride: from Stygian Stride (Thrill Jockey, 12” EP 2013)
  9. Hello, Satan - The Cosmic Dead: from Inner Sanctum (Evil Hoodoo Records, Limited Edition Cassette 2013)

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